Best Place to Install Ring Doorbell

This is an article on how to determine the best place to install a Ring doorbell.

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Video doorbell cameras and other home security measures are fast becoming a must across many households. With cameras stationed around the perimeters of your home, you and your family can feel safe while you enjoy some quality time inside the house.

What’s more is video doorbell cameras allow you to have access to security footage and live streaming anywhere you are, even if you’re not at home. Installing one in your home sure is a way to feel safe from intruders and unwelcome guests.

So, you’ve got yourself a Ring doorbell. You’re in good hands with a Ring doorbell, it being one of the most trusted home security devices in the market right now.

If you’re anything like me, you also like doing adequate and sometimes more than enough research on a new product. For a Ring doorbell camera, it includes strategic placement for the best accessible view.

For a detailed guide on where to install your Ring doorbell, I’ve got you covered here!

The Best Place to Install Ring Doorbell: What to Consider

Making the most from your new Ring doorbell doesn’t end at the purchasing stage. To make sure you get the most out of its security measures, it’s very important to install it somewhere it can do its job well.

If you aren’t a hundred percent sure where to place your Ring doorbell or how to determine which placement is best, no need to fret – I’ve got you covered right here.

Remember three key factors to consider: the power source, the height, and the mounting angle. You have to keep in mind these three factors as leaving one out in your installation process would compromise your Ring’s overall performance.

Power source

One of the major things that affect the placement and positioning of any Ring doorbell is the power source. Different power sources on the different available Ring doorbells mean different ways to install and different levels of installation flexibility.

Ring offers both wired and wireless, battery-operated doorbell cameras.

For wired Ring doorbell options, the brand has a basic Ring Wired Video Doorbell, the Ring Doorbell Pro and Pro 2, and the Ring Video Doorbell Elite.

The Ring Wired Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 all require an existing doorbell wire for power supply. While a hard wired doorbell is convenient in terms of unlimited power, they are limited when it comes to placement and positioning. Since they need to be hardwired to existing doorbell wires, you can’t place them elsewhere other than in place of your old doorbell system.

And while the Ring Video Doorbell Elite is technically wired, it does not require an existing doorbell wiring as the previously-mentioned models. Instead, it needs to be hardwired to an ethernet cord from your internet router for power. This allows for some placement flexibility, so long as you are able to connect it to an ethernet cord for unlimited power.

If you want maximum placement and positioning flexibility with your doorbell, we highly suggest getting a wireless, battery-operated Ring doorbell. Luckily, the brand offers those as well with the Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, and 4.

As these are wireless and operate with a battery you can easily charge when necessary, this offers maximum installation and placement flexibility. You can choose to install them anywhere on your door frame, on the door itself, or on your outer wall.


Door bell Mounted at the Correct Height
Doorbell Mounted too High

The height in which you install your new Ring doorbell is another very important factor to consider. To get the best performance out of your Ring doorbell, make sure you install it at the correct height: at approximately, 48 inches or 4 feet above the ground.

Whether you’re planning on installing it on your door frame, on your door, or on your wall, make sure to follow this recommended height. Some people might have the tendency to place it higher than the recommended mounting height thinking they might see people’s faces better the higher the camera is positioned.

Mounted at the correct height of 48 inches above the ground, your Ring doorbell will not have any issues detecting and catching people’s faces.

Mounting your Ring doorbell at the correct height also helps its motion sensors work more accurately. At the correct mounting height, the Ring doorbell’s motion sensors will only scan and detect movements that matter. This keeps the motion sensors from being triggered by false alarms, people walking on the sidewalk, or cars passing by on the road.

Placed at the correct height, your Ring doorbell is able to maximize its 160° horizontal field of vision to let you see everything that matters, especially the faces of people approaching your door.

Doorbell Field of View Angle


Mounting your Ring doorbell at the optimal angle will give you a much clearer view of what’s happening on your front door. With the right mounting angle, your unit’s motion sensors can work much better at detecting things that matter and avoiding sending you false alarms.

If you’ve finished installing your Ring doorbell and are not quite satisfied with the view you’re getting, there are kits you can get your hands on to help adjust its angle mount.

Ring’s Wedge Kit allows you to adjust the angle on the Ring doorbell vertically by 5 to 15 degrees.

The Ring Corner Kit will give your Ring doorbell horizontal angle adjustments from 15 to 55 degrees.

Some Ring doorbells come with their own set of installation kits while for some don’t so you would have to buy a separate Ring doorbell kit to adjust the mounting angle.

These installation kits will be a big help to help you achieve the best angle and positioning possible for your new Ring doorbell.

How to use Ring Wedge Kit and Ring Corner Kit:

  • Determine where you want your Ring doorbell placed. When you have the perfect spot, place the angle mount and check if it is level with the included level tool.
  • Using the drill screwdriver or bit in the kit, screw two short screws in the angle mount’s top and bottom holes.
  • For brick wall, concrete wall, or stucco wall installation, use the anchors into the screw holes. These are also included in the kit. For installation on wood like on a door or door frame, however, you won’t need these anchors.
  • For convenience and flexibility, the kits also allow you to increase the angle in which your doorbell is installed. You can do this by using an additional mount over the other. Screw those using the longer screws.
  • You can also use both a wedge mount and a corner mount to further adjust the way your Ring doorbell is installed for a much better view. To do this, place first the corner mount, followed by the wedge mount, and lastly, your Ring doorbell.

Other Tips To Think About in Installing Your Ring Video Doorbell Camera

Make sure nothing is blocking the camera’s view. A camera would be pointless if there are things blocking its view. Trees, untrimmed plants, and décor in front of your cam will block your view. When installing, make sure to clear anything blocking your camera and the motion sensor so it can detect motion and send alerts correctly.

Ring doorbell cameras require WiFi connection for it to connect with the app and work. Make sure your home WiFi sends strong enough signals to the unit, wherever you plan on installing it. Unstable WiFi connectivity can cause operational issues on your Ring doorbell camera.

Always check Ring doorbell live feed through the Ring app. Consistently check on your camera’s angle to make sure it captures and senses everything important.


Installing a Ring doorbell camera is one of the best ways to keep your home and your family safe and secure. But the journey to keeping your household safe doesn’t simply end once you purchase one.

As with many other things, it’s important to install your new Ring doorbell properly, to make sure it’s giving you its best performance.

While installing a Ring camera might seem like a very simple and straightforward chore, there are things you need to keep in mind to make sure it’s sitting just right and is giving you the best view of everything that’s happening at your front door.

So, what are these things to keep in mind when it comes to Ring doorbell placement?

Different Ring doorbell cameras also have different power sources. Ring cameras can either be wired or wireless and battery-powered. Wireless cameras provide greater installation flexibility than wired options.

The height of your camera also matters greatly. To ensure optimal performance, install your Ring camera 48 inches or 4 feet above the ground. This allows you to optimize your Ring doorbell’s field of view and motion sensing capacity.

If you still find your Ring camera doesn’t have the best viewing angle, Ring offers both a Wedge Kit and a Corner Kit that allows you to adjust the angle.

And that has been our guide on the best place to install a Ring doorbell!