Lutron vs Leviton Outlets

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When you’re in the market for only the best of the best for your family’s home, you most likely have already come across the classic Lutron vs Leviton outlets arguments. Both Lutron and Leviton are companies that offer smart and efficient control solutions for households and businesses alike. But neither forgets to provide their consumers with the basics: power outlets.

Lutron Claro outlets are a huge favorite among consumers thanks to their trusted and proven quality. It’s durable, long-lasting, and compatible with American electrical systems for sure safety of use. Leviton’s Decora outlets are durable, impact-resistant, tamper-resistant, and weather-resistant.

Lutron Claro outlets are the more expensive of the two options. But with its proven and trusted quality, many are willing to pay. However, Leviton Decora outlets have proven themselves a worthy and cheaper alternative.

Building Homes and Renovation: Why You Should Compare Outlets

If you’re in the middle of a construction happening in your home – whether you’re building your house, renovating it, or simply fixing up a space – what outlets you will use might not be one of your top priorities. And if we’re being honest, it might not even come in your top ten priorities.

Aesthetics and the quality of building materials are always one of the first two things homeowners would take into consideration – and rightfully so.

However, you might not realize it yet but with any construction project, the outlets you use play a very important role.

Not only will they affect the aesthetics and overall look of your space – they come in varying colors and finishes – but can also greatly affect how your house’s power will function.

Your home is your and your family’s sanctuary so naturally, you’d want only the best of the best. And to ensure that your home is getting nothing but the best living components, it’s essential that you compare and weigh in your options.

Some outlets are two-prong while some are three-prong. Some even have USB ports included already.

Taking the time to do so will let you choose the best components in your house, including the outlets.

Lutron vs Leviton Outlets

When you’re weighing in and deciding on the details of your home including the outlets you will have to install, two brands always come up in conversations and discussions: Lutron and Leviton.

Both the Lutron and Leviton brands of outlets are fan favorites among professionals and homeowners alike. And for very good reasons too.

If you find yourself in a pickle and having a hard time deciding which of the two brands to go with, we’ve got you covered right here.

Below, we’ll go over these two brands, their best outlet, and why exactly so many favor them over the many other brands that saturate the market.

Who Is Lutron?

Lutron is a technology-based company with origins all the way back to the late 1950s. What started as a makeshift lab in New York City is now a leading producer of some of the best light-controlling systems the world has ever seen.

While its headquarters and many of its physical stores are located in the US, Lutron has also made a home in various locations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Lutron has made sure to provide quality products for every room in your house.

The brand has led the innovation of smart lighting control systems. From outlets to dimmer switches to whole-house lighting control systems that can also control ceiling fans, Lutron has everything to offer.

If you find yourself in need of smart lighting controls, LED+ dimmers, sensors, and timer controls, Lutron has got you covered.

It may not be the brand’s number one product but Lutron also offers outlets for anyone who needs them. Specifically, the Lutron Claro duplex receptacle outlet has become another fan favorite among people who are already fans of the brand.

Lutron Claro

Lutron Claro

The Lutron Claro is a two-outlet duplex power outlet designed for use across the US.

If you’ve ever damaged your duplex receptacle and would need replacement, this offers a great and convenient solution to it. It has a 15-ampere wattage capacity and a 125-voltage capacity.

This Claro outlet features nothing but quality components the Lutron brand has been known for years. You can trust that this one will be safe for use in our family’s home and is compatible with American electrical systems.

The Lutron Claro outlet doesn’t only address power and electricity needs. Lutron ensures that their outlet doesn’t fail in the aesthetics department as well.

Lutron offers its duplex outlet in 25 color options. There are also varying finishes available across stores and platforms. These choices will give homeowners multiple options to make sure their new outlet perfectly matches and seamlessly coordinates with the rest of the furniture and home decor.

The outlet is also available in matching and coordinating colors and finishes as other Lutron devices like the Lutron dimmer switches, smart switches, whole-house light control systems, and other Lutron electronics. This further ensures that your home’s colors and decor are coordinated to make it more harmonious and even more put together.

The outlet features no visible mounting hardware for an added touch of elegance. Lutron also makes sure that this fits any decorator-size opening for ease of installation, even as a DIY project and without a professional’s help.

Additionally, this can easily be installed in as little as 15 minutes with Lutron providing consumers with a detailed step-by-step guide and video instructions.

This outlet is sold on its own. If you want the coordinating wall plates, those are sold separately.

If you want to take your lighting controls up a notch, the brand offers a wide range of Lutron lighting control options and Lutron switches that match this outlet’s available colors and finishes.

In comparison to Leviton outlets, Lutron outlets are the more expensive choice. To this day, they are among the brands with high quality and trusted standards. Their products are also known to last longer than its competitors, due to the very same quality. Because of this reputation, they are sold rather at a higher price.

Who Is Leviton?

Leviton is another leading company in the world of smart solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

With more than 115 years of experience in the electrical devices industry and more than 30 years of experience in the home automation and data connectivity industry, Leviton has cemented itself as a worthy consideration for many home and business owners.

Its headquarters and many of its store locations are stationed right in the US but it also has various locations across Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

The brand prides itself in providing smart solutions that make everyday living easier and more productive than ever. Moreover, the company dedicates itself to continuous innovation, ensuring the quality and safety of its products for every need.

Leviton also offers its Decora Duplex receptacle outlet as a worthy component in any residential or business space.

Leviton Decora

Leviton Decora

A less expensive option and alternative to Lutron Claro outlets is the Leviton Decora duplex receptacle outlet.

This Leviton outlet is another fan-favorite among many homeowners and professionals alike. It’s a two-outlet duplex power outlet with a wattage capacity of 15-ampere and a 125-voltage capacity.

This is a perfect replacement for damaged outlets – whether for residential uses or other applications and uses.

This one boasts an ultrasonic heavy-duty construction and impact-resistant thermoplastic design. This feature gives the outlet a longer life span so it can serve houses and businesses longer.

The construction is also tamper-resistant with a shutter mechanism inside the receptacle. This blocks any foreign object (hairpins, needles, keys, etc.) other than a two-prong plug to be inserted into the outlet. This safety mechanism protects children from injuries from electrical shocks and accidents.

This Leviton Decora outlet is also conveniently weather-resistant. With its UV-stabilized thermoplastic construction, this can withstand exposure to outdoor elements and the constantly changing conditions outside.

Of course, you, if you’re opting for a DIY installation, or the installer you hired, should ensure proper weatherproof enclosure with approved calk, gaskets, and cover plates if you want to make these electrical outlets work for outdoor use. Also, check your local building codes to ensure you’re installing them correctly.

This is very easy and quick to install as well. It uses a quickwire push-in and side wiring for the electrical fixtures so you can easily DIY your way through it.

This is available in a variety of colors and finishes so you can match it with the rest of your home’s decor and furniture. It’s available in both modern and traditional designs to give you more options too. And if you have other Leviton devices in your home like a light switch from the brand, this also coordinates with them easily for a more harmonious design all over your home.

If you find that Lutron’s Claro outlets are a little bit out of your range, this might be a good enough alternative for finishing your home projects.


When you’re out there constructing or renovating your house or simply doing a home improvement project, the power outlets you will use and install might not be at the top of your priorities. While it may seem like such a small and significant detail, it’s a detail that can make or break your new space. In your search for the best components in your home, you might come across the common query of Lutron vs Leviton outlets.

Both Lutron and Leviton are leading brands in the lighting control, home automation, and smart home solutions industry. Both offer not only smart solutions for your home but also the basics i.e. power outlets. Lutron’s Claro duplex receptacle is a quality option both for homeowners and professionals. It’s compatible with American electrical systems and boasts trustworthy quality. Leviton’s Decora duplex receptacle outlet is a worthy alternative. It’s tamper-resistant, durable, and even weather-proof, given that you install it properly.

Lutron and Leviton are top favorites in the construction game. Lutron is the more expensive option but it also boasts proven quality and durability. On the other hand, Leviton is fast becoming a worthy and cheaper alternative to it.