Savant vs Lutron

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Everything nowadays is smart – smartphones, smart watches, smart cars, and even smart homes. In the smart home and automation industry, two of the most popular names that come up are Savant vs Lutron.

Savant and Lutron are both smart automation systems. Lutron puts a clearer focus on lighting control and motorized window shades. Savant, however, is a more comprehensive system that goes beyond lighting and windows.

To answer which of two is better would mean to ask yourself what control you’d like to prioritize in your home.

Automation and Smart Home Control Systems: Savant vs Lutron

A smart home is all the rage right now. Smart and automated home systems offer homeowners ease and convenience. Additionally, these home systems offer extra security for your family and your peace of mind.

Automated and smart home systems are known for increasing a home’s energy efficiency on top of increasing performance. This not only decreases utility bills but also lessens carbon footprint.

If you’re hoping to automate your home with a smart home system, then you might already have come across two popular smart home control systems: Savant and Lutron.

Savant and Lutron are both dominant smart home and automation systems currently in the market. If you want to make the best decision for your home and your family, getting to know the similarities and differences between the two should do you good.

Savant: Whole-House Control System

Savant is a big name in the smart home solutions industry. Savant is a home control system that lets homeowners integrate and take full control over several aspects of their homes.

From lighting controls, temperature and humidity controls, audio and media controls, window shades, and energy and power management – Savant can do it all.

Savant’s automation control extends throughout the entire home, through one centralized system.

Savant takes convenience and control to a whole other level by offering homeowners an extensive line of control options. Depending on what you need, you can control the system from Savant keypads, touchscreens, remote, the Savant app, and even a compatible smart voice control.

The system seamlessly integrates with an existing and compatible smart voice control in your home.

Homeowners can also schedule specific functions so they turn on or off at specific times of day, fully automating various aspects of your home. Moreover, the Savant app intelligently adjusts the color temperature indoors to match the sun throughout the day. These smart settings instantly override circadian settings.

Lutron: Lighting Control System

Lutron is another game-changer brand in the world of home automation and lighting control solutions.

The brand prides itself as a leader in the lighting control and motorized window shades industry. They offer innovative solutions that allow homeowners to integrate their lighting and window shade fixtures into a centralized control system.

This centralized control solution allows homeowners to control any lighting or window shade fixture anywhere in their home.

Lutron’s lighting system control solutions offer various points of control from switches and remotes to the convenient Lutron app. The system also seamlessly integrates with existing compatible smart voice assistants for hands-free control.

As a smart lighting solution, you can schedule or set timers for your lighting and window blinds and shades. This not only fully automates your home’s lighting fixtures but can also conveniently add an extra layer of security for your home and family.

By giving Lutron full coverage of your home’s lights, you can customize lighting levels, create scenes, and schedule functions so it it delivers dynamic lighting settings.

Savant vs Lutron: Which Is the Best?

The answer to the question of which is the better home system between Savant and Lutron is a bit more complicated.

We say complicated because the two systems have different focuses on the smart home and automation industry.

Savant home systems cover just about anything inside your home. It lets you control an array of home technologies from security and cameras, lighting fixtures, home theater, audio and media, and motorized window shades and blinds. Savant aims to integrate various aspects of your home into one single and centralized system.

On the other hand, Lutron is more focused on lighting fixtures and motorized window shades and blinds. It gives homeowners full control through one centralized system as well.

The answer on which of the two is better would depend on your home’s needs. Ask yourself if you need a whole-house smart control system or would like to focus on only the lighting and windows.

Once you get the answer to that question, you’ll know which of the two is better for your home.

It’s also important to remember that Savant supports Lutron’s lighting and motorized shades control system. This means you can also take advantage of Lutron’s system if you choose to install a Savant whole-house system.


Smart homes and automation are in demand more than ever. If you’re looking to automate your home, you might have come across the endless discussion of Savant vs Lutron.

Both Savant and Lutron are whole-house automation systems. It’s hard to say which of the two is better than the other because they have distinct focuses. Lutron control systems focus on seamless and convenient control of a house’s lighting fixtures and motorized window shades. On the other hand, Savant is a whole-house automation system whose scope reaches beyond lighting and window blinds and shades. It also offers control over temperature, humidity, media, and power management.

The answer to which of the two brands is better lies in your family’s needs and preferences. Do you want a focus on lighting and windows or would rather have a system with a wider range of scope and control?