Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet

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If you’re looking for the best robot vacuums that can clean thick carpets just as easily, consider these first: suction power, carpet and floor changes detectors, battery, dirt bin and self-empty feature, and smart cleaning. Keeping these in mind, I searched far and wide for the best of the best in the market right now. For my current favorites, read on as I list and review them below!

Our family has four women with long, thick hair. We are no strangers to hair fall. We also have two dogs, one of which is a Husky who sheds a lot. Our boys like to play and wrestle. To add to this, we also have a lot of cats who have their own little sleeping areas scattered around the house.

Because of this, our furniture often accumulates a lot of human and animal hair. And having some carpeted areas around the house doesn’t help either.

To resolve this, our family owns two different vacuum units, both are traditional, power units. Though both vacuums have been really helpful in maintaining our home clean, I’ve been eyeing a robot vacuum for so long. Having a vacuum unit cleaning throughout the day, even without anyone operating it, would really be a great addition to our home cleaning system.

For the best ones in the market, I’ve got you covered!

Can Robot Vacuums Clean a Thick and High-Pile Carpet?

If you’re worried whether or not a robot vacuum is able to clean and vacuum a thick and high-pile carpet, the short answer is yes, it does.

While robot vacuums can keep human and animal hair, dust, and crumbs off of your carpet, it doesn’t, of course, substitute the deep carpet cleaning you can achieve with traditional vacuum units.

Where robot vacuum cleaners outweigh upright vacuums is convenience. With upright units, you would need to do it all yourself. But with a robot vacuum, set up and program it once and you’re good to go.

Robot vacuums are best at cleaning up constant messes. With the best robot vacuums, you can designate automatic cleaning areas and schedules without you having to do it yourself.

Robot vacuums can’t completely replace your regular carpet deep cleaning but can definitely reduce the dirt and mess.

Our Top Picks for the Best Robot Vacuums for Thick Carpet

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Best OverallYeedi Station Robot Vacuum and MopYeedi Station Robot Vacuum and MopCheck Price
Best Vacuum + Mop CleanerCoredy R750 Robot Vacuum CleanerCoredy R750 Robot Vacuum CleanerCheck Price
Best Corner CleaningNeato Robotics D7 Robot VacuumNeato Robotics D7 Robot VacuumCheck Price
Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum CleanerRoborock E4 Robot Vacuum CleanerCheck Price
Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot VacuumShark RV1001AE IQ Robot VacuumCheck Price

The Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet

1. Yeedi Station Robot Vacuum and Mop – Best Overall!

Yeedi Station Robot Vacuum and Mop

Our number one pick for the best robot vacuum for thick carpets is Yeedi Station Robot Vacuum and Mop! A uniquely 3-in-1 vacuum unit, this works to vacuum, mop, and self-empty all in one.

With a 2.5L dust bag, this is able to contain up to 30 days’ worth of dust, hair, and dirt.

A vacuum and mop unit in one device, this double cleans your home in one device and in a single run. The water reservoir has a capacity of 240ml.

With both smart mopping and ultrasonic carpet identification sensors, this is able to smartly detect and determine carpets and any flooring changes. Whether you have hardwood, tiles, or carpeted floors, the unit is fully equipped to adjust its floor cleaning techniques accordingly.

This will turn on its maximum suction power once carpet is detected. The detection technology also works to stop mopping once carpet is detected to prevent wetting it.

The visual mapping technology acts like a GPS to identify the rooms and areas in your house and maps them out for you. This then generates a home map where you can set room and areas to either clean or avoid. For convenience, this generated home map is editable and you can edit and set as you go.

This is engineered with 3000Pa high suction power for all your cleaning needs. This has a long runtime of 200 minutes, enough to clean even bigger spaces. Once it detects low-power batteries, it will automatically go back to its charging dock to recharge. And once it’s fully-charged again, it will pick up where it left off and resume cleaning.

This supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant technologies so you can integrate it with your smart home system.

To have full control of the settings and configurations, you can download the Yeedi app to your device. The app gives full control over how your vacuum cleans and works. This allows you to create the areas to clean and avoid and set cleaning schedules.

This also has a slim design that can easily get in and out of low furniture that are usually forgotten when cleaning. This has three cleaning modes: standard, max, and max+ and many were impressed at how powerful its suction power is.

The one downside is it is a bit expensive. Some also found the self-emptying mode a bit loud.


  • Vacuums, mops, and self-empties
  • 3000Pa high suction power
  • 200 minutes runtime
  • Smart visual mapping
  • 2.5L capacity dust bag
  • Smart home integration


  • Expensive
  • Loud self-emptying

2. Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Vacuum + Mop Cleaner!

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you want an efficient vacuum plus mop robot cleaner for your home, check out Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner! A 2-in-1 vacuum and mop unit, this makes sure your floor is deeply cleaned.

Equipped with an Intelligent Mopping System, this automatically monitors and controls the water level according to the floor’s dryness and humidity as it mops to clean. This uses the latest mopping technology so you achieve the best cleaning results in a single pass.

With special sensors, this detects boundary strips. This lets you establish virtual boundaries and have the unit clean only the areas you want. These magnetic boundary strips are placed on the floor for the vacuum to detect with its dual-hall sensors. These, however, are sold separately.

With the brand’s Boost Intellect technology, this is also able to detect carpets and changes in flooring. Once it detects carpets, it automatically increases its suction power to deeply clean off dust, dirt, and hair off of the carpet. At the same time, it also lifts its cleaning head and two large wheels so it doesn’t get stuck, requiring your attention.

With a 2200Pa suction power, this promises deep cleaning and intense suction force. This has three suction power modes. It has a dust box capacity of 500ml. Unlike other vacuum units, this has a smaller dust compartment and no self-emptying technology. You would have to make sure you empty it out after every use.

This also comes with a triple filter system and a washable HEPA filter. You can rest assured this easily filters out allergy-inducing dust and particles.

This has an improved smart protection and highly-sensitive anti-collision technologies. This has fully-upgraded anti-drop technology to prevent itself from falling down stairs and off of edges. And its anti-collision technology helps the robots vacuum to avoid and evade obstacles on the way.

This has about 120 minutes of runtime with a single charge. And this allows for three modes of control: with the included remote control, the app, or with voice command. This supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Through the Coredy application, you have full control over how your unit cleans and runs. Through the app, you can schedule when your vacuum cleans and even monitor real-time cleaning. You can find your robot wherever it is in the house and be notified of the accessories’ lifetime status as well.


  • 2200Pa suction power
  • 120 minutes runtime
  • Intelligent Mopping System
  • Boundary strip sensors
  • Detects carpets and flooring changes
  • Smart protection and anti-collision


  • Small dust compartment

3. Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum – Best Corner Cleaning!

Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum

If you want to make sure your new robot vacuum unit is able to reach and effectively clean corners like no other unit, check out Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum! With a unique D design, this is able to reach and clean corners, where it accumulates a lot of dirt often unreached by most vacuum units.

This robot vacuum cleaner comes with an extra large main brush, cleaning up more. With a HEPA filter, this traps in pet hair and tiny dust and allergen particles so it never compromises your health.

Equipped with laser-guided mapping, this intelligently navigates your home to give you a complete map of your house. This gives your unit proper knowledge of your house furniture or when to stop for stairs and obstacles.

Acquiring this knowledge will help the vacuum cleaner in straight, optimal lines. The unique laser technology even lets your unit see and navigate through the dark so it still cleans even without the lights on.

With the Neato app, you have full control over how the vacuum runs. You can schedule regular times it will clean. It’s also Amazon Echo and Google Home-supported for easy voice and hands-free commands.

With the app and the established floor map, you can have full control over where your unit goes to clean and where it doesn’t. For even more convenience, this allows for multiple floor plans for setting cleaning zones. You can have the unit create a map for each floor and then can create a no-go zone for each floor. This stores up to three-floor plans.

This offers up to 120 minutes of runtime with every charge. And when it runs low on power in the middle of a cleaning schedule, it will automatically recharge. And once it finishes a charging cycle, it will pick up from where it left off to finish cleaning. The built-in dustbin has a capacity of up to 700ml.

And with the unit’s Turbo Mode, this provides extra suction power to pick up even more debris and dirt you can’t see. For this feature, this is able to handle both hard floors and thick carpets with much ease.

The only downside to this is it takes a lot of time mapping out floor plans and actually needs supervision during this time.


  • D design for cleaning corners
  • Laser-guided mapping
  • Multiple floor plan and cleaning zones
  • Sees in the dark
  • Navigates around furniture
  • Stops for edges and stairs


  • Takes time to map out floors

4. Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The next item to make it into our list of the best robot vacuums for thick carpets is Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Equipped with an Automatic Carpet Boost technology, this powers up with 2000Pa max suction level. This is able to power through thick carpets and sweep away dust and pet or human hair so you won’t have to.

Fully equipped with the OpticEye motion tracking technology, this is able to smartly find its way through your home. It builds up an accessible map as it navigates for a logical cleaning route mapping.

While you can’t set up digital no-go zones, this has sensors that detect magnetic boundary strips you place on the floor. These strips will be able to tell your unit where it can and can’t go to clean. Keep in mind though you would have to buy these magnetic strips separately.

This offers an optional mopping cleaning system as well for that deep clean in just one pass. To do this, you have to buy a separate 180ml-capacity water tank.

There is a Roborock app you can download and it gives you full access to how your unit works. You can set a regular cleaning schedule through the app. This has four cleaning modes – silent, balanced, turbo, and max – you can change and choose from through the app as well.

This comes with a 640ml dustbin and boasts of long-lasting battery life with its 5200mAh capacity battery. When the battery runs low on power, this will automatically return to its dock to recharge. Once it reaches a full cycle of charge, it will go back to where it left off and resume cleaning.

With Sensient sensors technology, this detects edges and stairs. This keeps the unit safe from accidentally falling down stairs and edges on multi-story homes. And with anti-entrapment systems in place, this records and remembers what it does to get itself out of tricky places.

This also supports smart home integration and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This has a super slim design and is able to find its way under low furniture to clean there as well and never miss a spot.

Designed with a washable filter, this ensures longer life than most air filter technologies all the while blocking out dust and allergens from going back into your home.


  • Automatic Carpet Boost technology
  • 2000Pa max suction level
  • Navigates and builds cleaning map
  • Detects magnetic boundary strips
  • Detects edges and stairs
  • Optional mop cleaning


  • No water tank
  • No digital no-go zones

5. Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Vacuum

Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Vacuum

And our last favorite robot vacuum for thick carpets is Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Vacuum! Powered with powerful suction levels, this is able to deep clean hard floors and even carpets, taking in dust, debris, and pet or human hair off of surfaces.

Equipped with total home mapping technology, this navigates and maps your home for easier cleaning routines. This also allows you to select which rooms to go to and clean immediately.

It’s able to identify rooms, obstacles, and even edges and keeps that knowledge for future use. This also has cliff sensors and identifies stairs and ledges to stop and prevent falling off stairs.

With the SharkClean app, you can set regular schedules when the robot vacuum cleans or start a whole house cleanup routine.

This has a self-empty base that’s able to hold up to 45 days’ worth of dust, dirt, and debris. This means less emptying for you and more cleaning for the vacuums. This conveniently comes with a self-cleaning brush roll to prevent any hair or pet hair from wrapping around the brush. This prevents hair from clogging up the brush.

There are also dual spinning side brushes to pull and clean dirt and debris along the edges and from often uncleaned corners.

This has been designed with a multi-stage filtration system to ensure that no dust, dirt, hair, and allergens escape back into your home.

Once the battery runs low on power, this automatically goes back to its base to recharge. And once it completes a charge cycle, this immediately goes back where it left and continues business as usual.

This supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free and voice-command control.

One drawback to this is you can’t set up digital no-go zones. Though the app allows you to select specific rooms to clean at a time, you can’t use the map to prevent the vacuum from going to specific rooms in whole house cleaning routines. One would have to buy and use magnetic boundary strips for this purpose.


  • Total home mapping technology
  • Self-empty base
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Dual spinning side brushes
  • Cliff sensors
  • Powerful for hard floors and carpets


  • No digital no-go zones

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet

Suction power

To ensure that your new robot vacuum is able to clean up all kinds of debris and dirt off of your carpet and other floors, check on the suction power and capacity. This is often indicated as Pa. The higher the number is, the more suction power there is.

Generally, traditional and upright vacuum units are more powerful than robot vacuums. But for the best cleaning results from vacuum robots, a suction power of at least 2000Pa should suffice.

Anything with a much lower suction power will prove to be an ineffective robot vacuum, which defeats the entire purpose of getting one for your home.

Carpet and floor changes detectors

The best robotic vacuum cleaners are able to detect any changes in your flooring. It should be able to detect when there is a change from hardwood floors to carpeted floors to tiled floors so it can adjust suction power accordingly. It should be able to vacuum carpets, whether you have low-pile carpet, medium-pile carpet, or high-pile carpet at home.

When units detect the presence of carpets, it automatically maxes out its suction power. This is an essential factor because carpets are thicker and generally harder to clean. This means they require different cleaning settings and techniques for the best results.


To get the most out of your new unit, check on the battery runtime information. You want a vacuum that has enough power to clean big areas and spaces at a time. A vacuum that constantly needs to recharge is as good as nothing.

Not all robot vacuums have this but some of the best robot vacuums can recharge themselves once the battery runs low on power. And once it’s finished charging, it will go back to where it left off and resume cleaning.

Dirt bin and self-empty feature

Make sure to check on the dust bin capacity. This tells you how much dirt and debris it can hold at a time. Some of the best units have a self-emptying feature and have bags that can hold even up to a month’s worth of dirt. This means less emptying and more cleaning.

Smart cleaning

The best robot vacuum cleaner should offer you convenience. Though not a must, some robot vacuums can generate a map of your home for you. This lets you set up cleaning zones and no-go zones.

You can also set regular cleaning schedules and locate your unit anywhere in the house. Some are also smart home compatible and support Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.


Robot vacuums offer a cleaning convenience like no other. Even without your supervision, it’s able to operate and keep your home clean.

Our number one pick for the best robot vacuum for thick carpets is Yeedi Station Robot Vacuum and Mop! This is engineered with 3000Pa high suction power and has a 2.5L capacity dust bag to hold many days’ worth of dirt. This generates a map of your home and lets you decide which rooms to clean or avoid.

If you want a mop and vacuum in one cleaner, check out Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner! This has a 2200Pa suction power and cleans right after for that truly deep clean. And when it detects carpet fibers, it ups its suction power and stops mopping. This has boundary strip sensors to physically prevent the unit from wandering off into certain areas.

And if you want to make sure your corners are never left with accumulated dirt and pet hair, Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum might be what you’re looking for! With a unique D design, this is able to clean corners. This has laser-guided mapping and allows you to set specific cleaning and no-go zones on multiple floor plans.

And that has been our list of the best thick carpet robot vacuums in the market!