Can You Have Multiple Ring Cameras on One Account?

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Do you ever wonder if you can have multiple Ring cameras on one account? That makes the two of us. I wanted to purchase indoor cameras, but I was unsure if I could use them alongside my existing outdoor camera. So, I did my research and I’ll share what I learned below.

You can connect an unlimited number of Ring security cameras to your account. It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor or outdoor camera. You can even set t hem up in different locations, such as your home, office, or commercial space.

However, you can only add up to 10 locations in a single account. Below, I’ll answer the question, “how many Ring cameras can you have on one account” in more detail. This article also covers other concerns you may have.

Can You Have Multiple Ring Cameras on One Account?

How Many People Can Access The Same Ring Cameras

The short answer is yes. You can own multiple Ring security cameras and connect them to a single account.

The long answer is that you can actually add unlimited Ring cameras to one account. So, you can have as many of the different types of Ring cameras, from a Ring Stick Up unit to a Ring Spotlight cam. You can also use the security cameras in different locations, such as your home or office.

However, you are limited to 10 locations per account. If you want to monitor more than 10 places at once, you’ll need another account.

It’s easy to remember: one account only allows you to set up devices in 10 locations. But the number of Ring cameras you can use in a single area is limitless.

How Many People Can Access The Same Ring Cameras?

If multiple people live in one house, you may wonder about the number of individuals that can access the Ring cameras.

Well, you can add as many users as you want to use the different Ring devices in your house. 

But first, you’ll need to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan to share device access with other people. 

After signing up, you will automatically be the owner user. As the owner, you can grant access to the Ring devices by making other people Shared Users or Guest Users (Ring Alarm only). You can also change system settings, account information, and subscription plans.

A Shared User can view and share videos in real time. However, they cannot edit system settings or account information. If you own a Ring Alarm system in addition to cameras, Shared Users are also able to disarm or arm the alarm.

A Guest User is exclusive to the Ring Alarm. They can arm and disarm the device as long as they enter the access number provided by the owner. They cannot configure other settings.

How to Add Users to Your Ring Account?

By now, you know you can add unlimited users to access your Ring devices. But how exactly do you give them access to your account?

First, launch the Ring app. You can download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

Next, tap the hamburger icon (≡) on the top left to open the menu. If you use Ring cameras in more than one location, check the address on the upper left of the screen. Make sure you’re controlling the right location.

Then, go to the “Settings” menu. Select the “Shared Access” or “Users and Pets” option.

Tap “Add User” and choose the type of user (Shared or Guest) you want to add to the Ring app. 

Enter the email address of the person. Finally, select the “Next” and “Save” buttons to apply the changes.

Note that invites to control the Ring device are only valid for up to 7 days. If the user does not follow email instructions within that timeframe, you’ll need to redo the above steps.

You can also edit or delete their access to your Ring account any time you want.

Can You Use Ring Cameras Without a Subscription?

Yes, you can use your Ring cameras without paying for a Ring Protect Plan subscription. 

However, you’re limited to certain features. These include viewing live video feeds, activating two-way talk, and receiving instant camera motion detection notifications.

Consider subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan if you want to access other smart features.

Can You Use Ring Cameras Without a Subscription

The Ring Protect Basic plan is the cheapest. It allows you to record one Ring camera or doorbell. It can also activate the digital features of the Ring Alarm system through the mobile app.

Do you want to record the video feed from all your Ring cameras and doorbells? Then, subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus plan. You also get extended warranties on your Ring devices.

If you have more budget to spare, subscribe to the Ring Protect Pro plan. You’ll enjoy additional benefits, including 24/7 professional monitoring for Ring Alarm and backup internet up to 3GB per month.

Remember that a subscription to any Ring security system is only exclusive to one address or location. If you want to enjoy the benefits of any paid plans in another area (e.g., your office), you must pay another subscription fee.


If you want to purchase several Ring devices, you may wonder whether you can connect them to one account or not.

The answer is yes. You can control and manage multiple Ring cameras on one account using the Ring app. But you are limited to up to 10 locations per account. Hopefully, this article answered your question about how many ring cameras can you have on one account.

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