Elements and Features of a High Tech Kitchen

Elements and Features of a High Tech Kitchen Featured Photo

I love my kitchen. I spend a huge amount of my day in it, prepping and cooking meals day in and day out.

The idea to upgrade my kitchen into an entire high-tech kitchen came to mind as I was looking at appliances and devices to buy and invest in.

If you’re also in the midst of upgrading your kitchen and turning it into a state-of-the-art high-tech kitchen, you might be bombarded with these elements and those features you just have to make sure to include if you do a simple search on the web.

It can be scary and daunting, sure, but it definitely doesn’t have to be! With this detailed yet simplified guide from us, you can take your kitchen from simple to high-tech with a clear understanding of what you need interior-wise to make day-to-day life much easier!

If you’re ready for that smart and high-tech kitchen remodel and transformation you’ve always wanted but are too scared to make the jump for, read on for more information below!

What is a Hi-Tech Kitchen?

Before we go into detail on the many elements and features that make up a smart and high-tech kitchen space, let’s first dip our toes in on what a high-tech kitchen exactly is.

A high-tech kitchen is a modern kitchen setup.

Every part of a high-tech kitchen has been highly-revolutionized to make day-to-day activities in it easier to get done with much more ease.

In this setup, your kitchen devices and appliances are connected to your home WiFi network. This results in a system where your appliances and devices are all interconnected to a central control system.

With a high-tech kitchen, you have the convenience of having remote control and access across these devices wherever you are in the house. In most smart kitchen setups, you can control most, if not all, your smart kitchen appliances from your smartphone.

With it, you have the world at the tip of your fingers.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, it’s time to dive deep on what makes a kitchen smart and high-tech!

Elements and Features of a Hi-Tech Kitchen: Consider These Must-Haves in Your Kitchen Remodel

What makes a kitchen smart and high-tech?

Voice assistance

One important feature of any smart and high-tech home is voice assistance. Whether you have Amazon Alexa, Echo, or Google Home Assistant, they seek to do one thing – to assist you and make navigating through day-to-day life much easier.

Have you ever had your hands full while prepping and cooking in the kitchen? As you’re keeping yourself busy, you find yourself forgetting the next step to the recipe you’re following. So you need to look it up once again to remember and get it right.

The problem is, you’re handling things in both hands and both are covered in something either food or sauce. To look the recipe up, you’d need to wash your hands, go to the other room to get your phone, and then look for the recipe you found.

This seems like a lot, considering you’re already in the midst of food preparation and cooking. But with voice assistance, you can prevent and avoid all these.

Simply call for your voice assistant and ask for it to look up the recipe. You can even program it to read the recipe out loud for you.

Voice assistants aren’t only good for that. It also gives you hands-free control over devices like thermostats, lighting, and many others.

Induction cooker

Induction cooktops are not a totally new technology in the kitchen and cooking world. But for a smart and high-tech kitchen, it’s definitely the way to go.

Induction cookers don’t use gas. Instead, they use electricity but at the same time offer more efficiency in the art of cooking. They heat up faster which also means less cooking time for you.

Though it cooks much faster, induction cookers are much less messier than traditional gas cookers. Plus, they look like a simple glass section in your countertop when not in use. This gives them a much sleeker and more elegant finish than the traditional and bulky gas burner.

Concealed and automated trash bins

All kitchens – high-tech or traditional – accumulate tons of day-to-day trash and rubbish from meal preps to meal cooking.

It wouldn’t be a modern kitchen without aesthetics at the top of your priority. You wouldn’t want to destroy your kitchen aesthetics with eye-sore trash bins. A good way to keep them out of sight is with hidden and concealed bins. This system helps protect anyone in your home from any possible foul odor.

To further elevate the way you throw away trash and make it part of your smart and high-tech home is with automated trash bins. Most of them open with a simple touch on a drawer and some even open up when it senses you’re in front of it.

Motorized, sensor-touch, and smart cabinet system

A smart cabinet system is a huge deal if you want to modernize and renovate your kitchen into something high-tech in all aspects and quality.

The first thing you might want to consider is a motorized cabinet system. This cabinetry system will adjust the height of your cabinets so you can reach anything inside with much ease, without having to put in much effort to reach up. These are especially great for top and high counter cabinets.

Sensor-touch cabinets are also slowly making a name in the high-tech kitchen game. With a soft touch, the system automatically opens up a drawer or cabinet you need something from.

Hi-tech enhanced music and lighting

A huge part of any home kitchen is lighting fixtures. Lighting sets up a mood when you’re in the kitchen (along with music choices) and helps you see better as you’re scrambling through numerous recipes at once.

A kitchen is not completely smart and high-tech if you can’t control lighting and music choices according to your needs and the mood you’re going for. With ease and smart access, you can take inspiration from your lighting and music choices to come up with your best dishes!

In coming up with a kitchen lighting plan, consider under-cabinet lighting so you can see things with a clear view.

In-cabinet lighting is also making waves in the world of modern kitchens. These are usually auto-on LED lights that automatically turn on when you open cabinets or drawers. These help you see clearly inside and figure out what you need from your storage.

Most high-tech homes allow hands-free control and remote access of lighting and music settings right from your kitchen, most of the time with voice assistance.

Smart household appliances

A smart and high-tech kitchen isn’t complete without the most in-demand smart appliances to help you out. 

Smart kitchen faucet

Smart kitchen faucets are a must in high-tech kitchens. These are often motion-activated, therefore can sense when there is something in the sink that needs washing and will automatically turn on. This also means they have a touchless design so you won’t have to dirty faucet handles in the process.

Some of the smartest faucets are voice-activated and can be connected to your smart home assistant as well. There are also smart kitchen faucets that turn on and off with a small tap anywhere on its body, without turning the knob.

We have a review on the best touchless kitchen faucets here so be sure to check that out.

Smart refrigerator

A smart refrigerator is often a central part of any high-tech kitchen. It’s packed with so much more features than your regular refrigerator and does so much more than just cool and freeze food supplies and manufacturers made sure of that.

If you want to know more about smart refrigerators and what they can do, read our detailed guide here.

Smart microwave

A smart microwave is a kitchen appliance that does so much more than just make popcorn or heat last night’s dinner. It’s a smart appliance that can cook from scratch or with pre-packed meals.

Some units even have a barcode scanner that automatically configures cooking settings according to pre-packed meals.

For more information on smart microwaves and what they can do, check here.

These are just some of the more common smart appliances you should think about in your new high-tech kitchen. There are tons of other appliances you can add. Remember, you can add anything, as long as it helps you get things done and helps enhance your overall experience.


A high-tech kitchen is slowly becoming a norm for anyone looking to achieve a smart and modern home.

With a high-tech kitchen setup, you prep ingredients and cook meals with more ease. In this kitchen setup, your kitchen devices and appliances are all connected over to your home WiFi network. This makes up an interconnected home with a central control system.

In this setup, you can control and access connected appliances right from your smart device. This gives you access anywhere you are in the house, right from your fingertips.

So what elements and features truly make up a high-tech kitchen?

First, a smart kitchen has voice assistance. From Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant, these give you hands-free control to navigate food preparation with such breeze. If you’ve got your hands full with meat and ingredients, whether it’s looking up a recipe or turning on the faucet, it’s done and done.

An induction cooker and smart appliances like a smart refrigerator, smart microwave, and a smart kitchen faucet are one of the basic things you can consider.

Concealed and automated trash bins along with a smart cabinetry system gives homeowners much-needed convenience and are also a treat to the eyes.

A high-tech kitchen is limitless and anything is a worthy investment as long as it makes day-to-day life easier and convenient.

And that has been our guide on high-tech kitchens!