How to Mount a Blink Outdoor Camera

How to Mount a Blink Outdoor Camera Featured Photo

This is an article detailing how to mount your Blink outdoor camera.

An outdoor security camera is a great way to keep an eye out around your house’s premises so you and your family feel safe and secure. Blink is a very popular security camera, and once you have one, how to mount a Blink outdoor camera will be your first order of business. 

Mounting an outdoor security camera is an integral part of keeping a home secure, as important as choosing the right unit for your security needs.

If you’re anything like me, you like to read and research to make sure you get the most of a new smart home gadget. This is especially true for purchases concerning home security.

If you got yourself a security camera and would like to know how to mount them the right way, read on below!

Best Places to Mount Blink Outdoor Camera

Where you should mount your new Blink outdoor camera would largely depend on your preferences and the area you want to cover.

You can place a Blink outdoor camera anywhere outside the perimeter of your home. You only need to make sure it has a clear view of the area you want to be covered and areas you want to have surveillance over.

You can easily choose to mount your outdoor camera on your front door, backyard, driveway, and garage, among others. Another smart location for outdoor security cameras are facing your gate or fence, so you can have a clear view of anyone getting near it or attempting to climb over.

Near your front door, doorbell, and other points of entries are also good places to mount an outdoor camera. This lets you keep a close eye on whoever enters your home premises.

To prevent false triggers and sending false motion alarms to your phone, you might want to avoid placing it near trees and plants that constantly move due to air. Some people prefer to keep cameras hidden from plain sight and if you’re one of these people, place it somewhere it’s not so obvious but can still get a great view of your property.

Lastly, make sure your placement location has a decent amount of light but not too much direct sunlight so it doesn’t perceive a lot of glares. You don’t want an unclear image and video quality due to too much light.

An advantage for Blink outdoor cameras is they’re wireless and are battery-powered camera units. This means it offers a wide array of placement options, without limiting power wires.

How to Mount Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink outdoor cameras are fairly easy to mount. Though the idea of mounting a security camera can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be with a Blink outdoor camera.

Your Blink outdoor camera should come with a right-angle adapter/opening tool, cone-shaped camera mount, and two wood screws.

Mounting your Blink camera

  1. The first thing you need to do when you’re mounting your Blink outdoor camera is to settle on your desired location.
  2. Once you have settled on a placement location, place your camera on the location to quickly check it. Open your Blink app and check on the camera’s Live View feed. Make sure it has your correct desired viewing angle and you can clearly see everything you need to monitor.
  3. Once you’ve verified that you’ve got the right placement, it’s time to mount your Blink outdoor camera.
  4. Mount your Blink outdoor camera by marking the screw holes on the placement surface of your choice.
  5. Drill holes on your markings and securely screw the mount.
  6. Check once again if the mount is securely fixed on the surface. You don’t want it to be wobbly or it will be prone to falling once you place your camera.
  7. If you’re satisfied with how the mount is placed on the surface, mount in your Blink camera. Make sure it snaps in correctly.
  8. Turn your camera on and configure all necessary settings.

A Blink outdoor camera can be mounted horizontally and vertically, and each uses different accessories.

Mount your Blink outdoor camera horizontally

Your Blink outdoor camera allows you to place and mount your unit on ceilings, roofs, and other horizontal locations.

To do this, use the right-angle adapter that comes with your Blink camera. This adapter goes in the opening at the back of the Blink camera.

Press the adapter into that opening. You should hear a snap indicating it’s fully attached. In some camera locations, you might need to snap the adapter and camera together first before placing them on the mount.

Mount your Blink outdoor camera vertically

A vertical placement is best if you’re planning on mounting your Blink outdoor camera on a wall or a post.

To do this, you would need the volcano to mount your Blink comes with.

Connect the cone-shaped mount on the opening on the back of the camera as well. Make sure it snaps in securely to prevent chances of falling to the ground.

Does Height Affect the Features of Blink Cameras?

Mounting your camera at the right angle and height is a very important factor to make the most out of your outdoor security camera.

The height in which you mount your Blink outdoor camera would depend on what your needs are and what you’re aiming to monitor.

Generally, a mounting height of eight to ten feet allows your Blink outdoor camera to function properly to its full potential. This height has a good range and area of motion detection while allowing you to have a clear view of anything going around.

Mounting your Blink outdoor camera vertically also gives you more view.

Other Mounting Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

In determining your Blink camera placement, it’s important to keep in mind that your camera needs a good WiFi connection.

Blink suggests you ensure the location you’re eyeing has at least three bars of internet connectivity on your camera and Blink Sync Module. You can verify this with the Blink app by accessing camera settings.

If your choice of camera placement has low internet signals, you can purchase and install WiFi extenders to ensure strong connectivity. If you much prefer to mount your camera without screws or if the location doesn’t allow drilling and screws, consider non-screw mounting options. There are adhesive mounts, suction cup mounts, and even magnetic mounts you can turn to.

If the mounting accessories that come with your Blink camera aren’t enough for your needs, Amazon has tons of wall mounts and mounting accessories available for you to purchase. You can also run to your local hardware store for other mounting accessories. You can choose from a wall mount, gutter mount, mount riser, and other appropriate screws for your needs.


Blink comes out with some of the more famous and some of best security camera measures. The brand’s Blink outdoor camera is one of the few favored by many.

When it comes to outdoor security cameras, the best location and placement is everything. One of the more important things to keep in mind is where and how to mount them.

To mount your Blink outdoor camera, think carefully about where you want it. The location should have a clear and wide view of everything you want to be monitored. Your front and back door, by your doorbell, and other points of entry are good locations to consider. You might also want to consider your backyard, driveway, garage, or gates and fences so you can monitor who enters your property.

Your Blink outdoor camera comes with a right-angle adapter, a volcano cone-shaped camera mount, and mounting screws for ease and convenience.

To mount your Blink camera, settle on a placement location and test out the location first. Once you’re sure, mark the drilling holes. Drill and then securely screw the mount. Make sure the mount is secured before attaching the camera.

And this has been our guide on how to mount your Blink outdoor camera!