How To Tell If A Security Camera Is On?

Having a security camera is a great way to monitor your home without having to be there.

If you have recently installed a security camera, whether at home or in a commercial place, you would want to know if the security camera is turned on.

There are several ways to check if a security camera is on. A security camera that moves can indicate that it is on and recording. The other ways you can tell if a security camera is on is by checking for LED lights, checking if the camera is real, using bug detectors, and checking the camera’s app.

In this article, we will talk in detail about how to tell if a security camera is on. These are simple ways that you can do yourself. We will also be talking about troubleshooting a security camera in case it does not work, so read on!

How To Tell If A Security Camera Is On?

You might assume that security cameras are always on. While that should be the case, there are instances that they also might be off. Knowing if your security camera is recording is essential if you want to maximize its use, especially if you really want to monitor your area.

So, how do you know if a camera is on? There are several ways how to tell if a security camera is on and recording.

Check If The Camera Is Moving

Most surveillance cameras have motion detection and can follow the movement. These cameras can rotate on axis, tilt, and even pan in or out when any movement is detected.

One way to know if a security camera is on is to check if the camera is moving. You will be able to notice the security camera’s movement if you look closely. You can also move about and check if the camera is following your movement.

Some security cameras will also have a whizzing sound as they move. This is also a way to check if the security camera is on. However, if the security camera is mounted in a high place, you might not hear the sound. Dome-style PTZ cameras may also be a little harder to observe for movement. This is because the camera is inside the dome and some dome cameras have a fixed position.

Check The Camera’s Infrared LED Lights

When a wireless security camera is on, you will see tiny red lights around the security camera lens and these are visible in the dark. Most CCTV IP security cameras that have infrared lights also have night vision.

These infrared LED lights are not really visible to the naked eye so you will have to get close to a camera to check if the LED lights are there. It is also easier to check for LED lights when it is dark.

Aside from checking the IP security camera lens itself for LED lights, you can also hold out a book or your palm and block the camera’s view. If you see the lights fall on the book or your palm, that means the security camera is on.

Make Sure The Security Camera Is Real

If you are passing by a residential area with a CCTV camera in place, you would probably think that the security cameras are real. While this is true, there are also people who put up dummy security cameras to deter crimes such as theft. Some homeowners do this and then hide their real security cameras someplace undetected.

A dummy CCTV security camera can really pass off as a real one and it can be hard to tell if it is fake or not. To tell if a security camera is fake or not, check its red LEDs.

Yes, you should be able to check for LED lights when the camera is on. However, fake security cameras have blinking red lights. Real security cameras have stable infrared lights that do not blink or flash when they are on. If you see a security camera that has a blinking red light, it is a fake security camera and it is not recording.

Use The Security Camera’s App

Most modern security cameras have corresponding apps where you can view the live feed anytime, anywhere. Logging in on the camera’s app will let you see if the camera is on or not.

If the live feed appears on your screen, the camera is recording. If not, your camera might be having problems or is turned off. If you can’t see the live feed on the app, your internet connection may also contribute to the issue. Using the security camera app is a great way to check if it is on or not, especially if you are in another place and unable to check the camera itself.

Use AN Electronic Bug Detector

Using an electronic bug detector is also another way to tell if your security camera is on. While electronic bug detectors are usually used on a more advanced security setup, you can use them as they can pick up signals from security cameras. A balanced signal can indicate that the camera is on and recording.

Bug detectors will also be able to detect hidden security cameras in the area, especially if these cameras emit high energy.

Check The Camera’s Power Indicator

Most wireless IP cameras will have LED power indicators that are located near the power button. When the security camera is on, the power indicator should be lit up indicating that the camera is recording.

If the power indicator is not lit up, there could be issues with the wiring or the camera’s battery. If you have a wired security camera, make sure to check that the camera is correctly plugged into a power supply. If the camera is plugged in correctly, it could be that your outlet is damaged. If you have a battery-powered security camera, check to see if the battery is fully charged or still working.

Check The Camera’s Storage

Checking your camera’s internal and external storage is also a way to check if the security camera is on. Most security cameras also store footage in a cloud-based system so you can check the camera footage from there. If your camera has cloud-based storage, it is still best practice to have an external memory card. This is to make sure that the camera will store images and video, especially if you have connection issues.

What To Do If Your Security Camera Is Not Working?

There are instances that your security camera won’t just turn on and this can be a huge drawback since security cameras are used for security purposes. If your security camera is not working, there are several ways you can do to check the problem.

  1. Check if the security camera is plugged correctly into a working outlet. There may be instances where the plug was disturbed causing the camera to be unplugged.
  2. You can also check your Wi-Fi settings. If the connection is poor, the camera will also lose its signal and not work.
  3. Rebooting your camera can also work. Unplug the security camera, wait for a couple of seconds, and then plug it again into the outlet.
  4. An outdated security camera software can also cause issues with your camera. Updating the software can make it work again.
  5. If all else fails, contact the security camera’s tech team for support. They may do some troubleshooting or advise you to replace the unit if it is really damaged already.

Final Thoughts

There are quick and easy ways to tell if CCTV cameras are on. Some of the things you can do are to check for movement, look for LED lights, or check if the security camera is real.

In this article, we talked about how to tell if a security camera is on and we hope we helped answer any questions you have. If you have any more questions, let us know and we will get back to you!