Common Moen Touchless Faucet Problems

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Touchless faucets have a nice ring to them and it feels like these kinds of faucets are so high-tech that they rarely get issues. However, that is not the case. Like traditional faucets, touchless faucets can still experience issues, especially technical ones. This is not to discourage you from buying touchless faucets but to prepare you for issues you may or may not experience when you buy one.

Moen is one of the leading brands when it comes to touchless faucets. Their faucets are great but there are common Moen touchless faucet problems that you can also experience. This could be leaking problems, battery issues, or the sensor not working.

In this article, we will be talking about some common issues that you can experience with Moen MotionSense faucets. We will talk about how to troubleshoot these issues, so read on!

What Are Some Common Moen Touchless Faucet Problems?

What Are Some Common Moen Touchless Faucet Problems

Most touchless faucets add a nice addition to your modern kitchen. As high-tech as touchless faucets are, there are instances that the faucet may experience several issues. Here are some of the common Moen touchless faucet issues that you may encounter.

Sensor Is Not Working

As with all touchless faucets, the sensor plays a big part in their operation. If the faucet does not turn on after placing your hands in front of the Ready Sensor, this is a sign that there is an issue.

Moen faucet sensor flashing or blinking can mean different things. If the LED light indicator is blinking twice, it means that the batteries are low and need to be replaced. Three blinks mean that there might be trouble with your network connection and that the faucet has lost its connection. 

Four blinks means that there is an unexpected error in the hardware and five blink means there is a hardware failure already. If any of this is the case, you need to contact Moen support for assistance. If you see 6 blinking lights, this means that the faucet might be having problems sending a signal to its control box. Check the control box to make sure that the power cable and data cable is plugged properly.

Faucet Turns On And Off By Itself

Faucets do not usually turn on and off by itself. If you find yourself asking ‘Why does my Moen touchless faucet turn on and off by itself?’. This could be because of loose wiring or the sensor being faulty. If your Moen sensor faucet is not working, check the cables under your sink and see if they are plugged in properly. This should fix the issue of the faucet turning on and off by itself. 

If the Moen MotionSense faucet is faulty, you may need to reset it. To reset the sensor, you need to disconnect the faucet’s battery pack or AC adapter and data cable from the control box. Wait for a couple of minutes for the control box to reset and plug the battery pack and data cable back in the control box. Wait for the faucet to cycle back on. If you see a blue LED light on the sensor, this means that the sensor is working again.

You can also bypass the sensor by holding both of your hands in front of the sensor for 5 seconds or until the LED light indicator blinks once. Once the indicator blinks once, this means that the faucet’s sensor has been deactivated.

To activate the sensor again, place your hands back in front of the sensor for five seconds. Wait for the light to blink once to activate or reset the sensor.

High-pitched Noises

You might find your touchless kitchen faucet making a high-pitched noise and this can get very annoying.

Why does my Moen touchless faucet make a high-pitched noise?

If your faucet is doing this, it might indicate a problem with your plumbing system and this has been restricting the water flow. You need to check your plumbing network for any possible problems as this can also affect the rest of your plumbing fixtures.

High-pitched noises can also be caused by the faucet aerator being clogged. If this is the case, remove the aerator from the spray head and clean it. You can remove any debris with an old toothbrush or a toothpick and soak the aerator in vinegar for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it and putting it back in the fixture.

If a high-pitched noise is still coming from your faucet, this means that the problem may be coming from your pipes and you need to have them checked professionally.

Leaking Faucet

Another common issue with touchless faucets (and traditional faucets as well) is leaking. Improper installation could be the cause of leaks and drips in a Moen kitchen faucet. It could also be because of some parts of the fixture such as a loose O-ring, a damaged solenoid valve, or a worn-out gasket. It could also be because of the water pressure.

If the problem is with the faucet’s parts, you could call Moen support or a professional plumber to see if the damaged parts can still be replaced. You might also want to have your water pressure checked as it could also cause the faucet to leak if it is too strong.

Battery Issues

Since touchless faucets typically run on battery, it is important to replace them when they run low. To change Moen touchless faucet batteries, get the battery pack from under your sink and open the pack’s lid. Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. Make sure that the batteries are placed correctly. Close the lid of the battery box and the faucet should be good to go.

Can a Moen touchless faucet work without batteries? Yes, it can. However, the sensors will not work. You will have to use the handles as the automatic features will not be available. It is better to replace the batteries when you see the LED light blinking if you want to continue using the faucet’s automatic features.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what issues you may encounter with Moen faucets, are you ready to own one? You’ve probably experienced leaking issues with a traditional faucet and technical issues like the motion sensor not working may be scary. These issues can be fixed easily by yourself but you can always call a professional plumber to help you. Let us know via the contact form if you have any other questions and we will get back to you!