The Best Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

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Lighting dark counters can be a headache. But it doesn’t have to be if you have the best under-cabinet motion sensor LED lights. These lights are a quick and easy solution to brighten your cabinets without the need for manual switches.

But when it comes to choosing the right motion sensor under cabinet lighting, some of the most important considerations are its lumens rating, your preferred power source, and other special features, so we did the hunt for you.

Our top pick is the TORCHSTAR Under Cabinet Lighting Kit because it’s powerful and offers consistent light since it’s hardwired. It also detects movements within a 25 to 25-foot range, which is greater than most of its rivals. Plus, they’re strips, so it makes them even easier to install anywhere.

However, not all under cabinets need strip lights and not all counters require a warm ambiance.

Below, we’ll explore the different options for smart under-cabinet lighting. We will look at their features and weigh their pros and cons. And, we’ll also walk you through finding the right under-cabinet light with our buying guide.

Our Top Picks

Best OverallTORCHSTAR Under Cabinet Lighting Kit– LED, 900 lumens- Wired- ‎10.8 watts- Adjustable- Triangle design light bars- Can be mounted or taped on surfaces- Detects motion within 26-25 feet- Power adapter includedCheck price
Runner UpLEPOTEC Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights– LED, 300 lumens- Battery powered, rechargeable- ‎3 watts- ‎3 modes- Magnetic or stick-on- Detects motion within 10 feet- Rechargeable battery and USB cable includedCheck price
Best RechargeableEZVALO Under Cabinet Lighting– LED, 110 lumens- Rechargeable- 1 watt- 3 cycle modes- Detachable design- Magnetic or can be fixed on a mounting strip- Detects motion within 10 feet- USB cable includedCheck price
Best StripWefomey Under Cabinet Light Strip– LED, ‎900 lumens- Hardwired- ‎10 Watts- Day/night modes and timing off function- Magnetic or stick-on- Detects motion within 3-16 feet- Power adaptor includedCheck price
Best PuckLightbiz Under Cabinet Puck Lights– LED, 60 lumens- Rechargeable- 1 watt- 4 brightness levels- Timing function- Detects motion within 10 feet- Magnetic or stick-on- Remote and USB cables includedCheck price
Good OptionVyanLight Under Cabinet Lights– LED, 120 lumens- Battery powered- Detects motion within 9 feet- Features Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) to detect human motion- Magnetic or stick-onCheck price

The Best Under Cabinet Motion Sensor LED Lights

TORCHSTAR Under Cabinet Lighting Kit – Best Overall

TORCHSTAR Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

A dependable light will keep your counters looking bright. One of the best under cabinet motion sensor LED lights to do the job could be the TORCHSTAR Under Cabinet Lighting Kit.

It’s relatively simple to install, and it is more suitable for permanent installation than battery-operated ones since it provides more long-lasting and consistent lighting. Each of the 6 light bars offers a luminous flux of 150 lumens. Such high-power LEDs create an ultra-bright lighting effect without worrying about the batteries dying.

We find this option more versatile than chunkier bars with light beads because it’s thinner and can be placed anywhere with 3M tape. So it’s also easy to install to the corners of your under cabinets. And you can fix it through the holes with screws.

Equipped with motion sensors, it detects movement within a 26 to 25-foot range. It switches on right away and off if there’s no movement after 4 minutes.

Most of the users commend this for use in their gun safes and cabinets. However, you may notice a few flickering since some users reported loose light strands. Also, it doesn’t specify whether the sensor’s sensitivity is best when placed vertically, horizontally, or straight. So you may have to experiment with it.

But overall, we think it’s a fantastic way to illuminate your countertops. Plus, it’s low on power consumption and can last for up to 30,000 hours.


– Versatile and easy to install

– High-power LED

– Offers consistent light

– Wide detection range


– Occasional flickering experienced by some users

– Unspecified sensor sensitivity

LEPOTEC Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights – Runner Up

LEPOTEC Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights

When it comes to reliability, another wonderful option would be the LEPOTEC Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights. This pair of LED bulbs has 54 lamp beads each that produce up to 350 lumens of brightness. It provides superb illumination without any glare and the light is quite soft.

It’s rechargeable with USB and easy to install. What we appreciate about this is that it includes built-in magnets, which makes installation more secure than tape. But it also comes with adhesive tape to adhere to any non-metallic surface.

With 3 modes, you can set it to stay on/off or opt for motion sensor mode. It detects human motion within a 10-foot range and automatically switches off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

On the downside, though, some users reported that the batteries don’t last long enough, but we assume this depends on how much you use the under-cabinet lights because we’ve also seen reviews that commend their longevity when fully charged.

The lights may also not be able to go long ranges with several sticks. You may encounter a problem in which they don’t work at the same time, causing one to switch off as it detects light that is not actually present.

Also, once installed, it may be difficult to take out and reposition. But all in all, we think it offers excellent features that make it stand out.


– Bright illumination sans the glare

– Comes in 3 modes

– Easy to install; magnetic stick-on is more secure than adhesive

– Long battery life (though some users complain about the battery draining too soon)


– Limited motion sensor range

– Can be hard to take off and rearrange once fixed

EZVALO Under Cabinet Lighting – Best Rechargeable

EZVALO Under Cabinet Lighting

This EZVALO Under Cabinet Lighting could also be a great addition to any under cabinets, closets, bedrooms, and anywhere that needs extra illumination. It’s a rechargeable LED light fixture that can last up to 90 days in auto mode and up to 33 hours of continuous lighting.

We like the detachable design of this under-cabinet light, which makes charging much more convenient. And we also appreciate its thin profile (barely 10mm thick) and well-crafted from anodized aluminum, with magnets embedded into the back. This allows you to clamp it securely onto the mounting strip and any magnetic metal surface.

When you move within a 10-foot range, the motion detection activates the light. One of its standout features is the daylight sensor, which senses when there’s still enough daylight so that the 110 lumens LED doesn’t switch on until needed.

For general applications, you can use Auto Mode. But if it doesn’t detect motion within 15 seconds of turning on, the under-cabinet light will switch off to save energy. In case you need constant light, switch to “Always-On” mode or hit the “Always-Off” when done.

The touch button is not only an aesthetic way to interact but it is also built for additional control functions. You can switch it on/off with a single tap, and press and hold to change brightness. Plus, you can simply tap it to reset the under-cabinet motion lights to Auto mode.

The drawback? Unfortunately for other users, that motion sensor doesn’t work well. Just a thing to keep in mind here.


– Offers a warm, bright light under cabinets

– Easy to install and sticks onto any magnetic metal surface

– Comes in 3 modes

– Intuitive buttons

– Lasts long even with constant use


– Limited motion sensor range

– Motion sensor doesn’t work well for some users

Wefomey Under Cabinet Light Strip – Best Strip

Wefomey Under Cabinet Light Strip

Besides the TORCHSTAR, the Wefomey Under Cabinet Light Strip is one of our favorite motion sensor strip lights on the market right now. It offers bright, 900-lumination flux under cabinets with day and night modes and a timing-off function.

The motion-sensitive light strips include 90 premium LEDs that emit soft warm white light. Its motion sensor can detect movements within 3 to 16 feet at best.

One advantage of the under-cabinet light strips over our top pick is that they bend and don’t break easily. They also have cutting marks on the surface, they are easy to arrange. And all joints are soldered and no longer detachable—it’s plug and play!

The sensor box includes a built-in magnet that allows you to stick it to any ironwork. Also, it uses a professional and durable acrylic adhesive, so you need not worry about the strip falling or leaving any residue on the surface because it’s traceless.

This counter lighting comes with a USB converter, making it portable and safe to use. And it allows you to power the cabinet lighting in a number of ways.

We think the only issue is that it isn’t dimmable. But, if you want a flexible (literally) lighting solution for all of your needs, we feel it offers good value for money.


– Offers soft warm, bright illumination

– Comes with day and night light mode and timing off function

– Bendable and durable

– Easy to install with built-in magnets and durable tapes


– Not dimmable

Lightbiz Under Cabinet Puck Lights – Best Puck

Lightbiz Under Cabinet Puck Lights

Each wireless Lightbiz Under Cabinet Puck Lights has rechargeable pure white LEDs with a lumination flux of 60 lumens. The light fixtures are rechargeable and usually take 2 hours to fully charge.

These lights feature “Auto” mode that turns on when they detect motion within 10 feet and turns off after around 20 seconds if no motion is detected.

It’s also dimmable and adjustable to 4 levels of brightness using the included remote control. The LED lights will stay on in “ON” mode, and with a timing function, it will turn off after 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. However, you can’t opt for “Auto” mode using the remote.

These puck lights are also easy to install. It gives you the option of directly attaching to any ironwork surface with the built-in magnet or sticking to any flat surface with the metal sheet. Some users, however, claim that the metal plates aren’t very durable.


– Offers cool white bright lights

– Adjustable to 4 levels of brightness

– Dimmable and has a timing function

– Two-way installation


– Auto mode doesn’t work on the remote

– Metal plates aren’t very durable

VyanLight Under Cabinet Lights – Good Option

VyanLight Under Cabinet Lights

In terms of design, we consider these VyanLight Under Cabinet Lights as a unique option to the plain-looking designs of the LEPOTEC and EZVALO (not that it matters since they’ll be placed under cabinets, anyway).

These battery-operated lights use Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) to detect human motion. Each cabinet light includes 10 high-quality LEDs and motion sensors that detect movement within a 9-foot sensor range, which we think is a bit more limiting than its rivals.

It automatically turns off after 20 seconds if there’s no motion or if any other light sources are detected. We think that its main drawback is that it only functions in the dark. So if the cabinet light sensor detects other light sources, it won’t switch on.

But that is why it saves more energy. So, if you’re willing to trade that over having lights on throughout the day, this may be a good option. Otherwise, you’d be better off using it as cabinet lighting.

The LEDs are wireless, making installation quick and easy. No tools, screws, or nuts and it includes a magnetic strip with a strong adhesive backing. You can remove them from the magnetic strip to change the batteries quickly.


– Uses infrared technology to detect human motion

– Design upgrade

– Quick and easy installation, comes with a magnetic strip with an adhesive backing


– Limited motion sensor range

– Only works in the dark

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

Before you buy an under-cabinet light, there are things you need to consider including:

Lumens Rating

The lumens rating of an LED light will give you an indication of how bright the cabinet lighting will be. A higher lumens rating indicates a brighter light, while a lower lumens rating indicates a dimmer light.

However, keep in mind that a higher lumen rating doesn’t necessarily mean better quality light. Other factors such as color temperature and color rendering index will be a great help to get better visibility and aesthetics of the under cabinet area.

Also, before you get a specific LED light for your under cabinet, make sure to consider where you’ll install it. For small corners, under-cabinet lighting with a lower lumen rating should do.

Power Source

Under cabinet lights can be battery-powered, plugged into an outlet, or hardwired into your home’s electrical system.

With battery-powered lights, you skip the hassle of having to deal with wires. The caveat is that they might not provide constant and reliable illumination. Or, you’ll need to recharge or replace the batteries as soon as they die.

Plug-in style lights will not be as smooth as cables. But they usually offer easy and quick installation.

If you opt for hardwired models, you can expect a less cluttered look under your cabinets because there are no visible cables. The downside is that it would require professional installation which can be expensive.

Energy Efficiency

Most motion sensing under cabinet lighting uses LEDs which are known to consume less energy. Your quest should instead focus on how long before the cabinet light switches off when there’s no motion detected. Some models automatically turn off within seconds, while others take a few minutes.

We find the latter to be less energy-efficient. The longer it stays on while not in use, the more energy it consumes (obviously). Some models also only work in the dark and will not switch on if other sources of light are detected. This mechanism helps with power-saving but there’s an obvious trade-off here.

Additionally, lights with a brightness control option allow you to conserve energy. It reduces the amount of time you charge or replace the battery.

Whatever you choose, these lights are generally energy-efficient, so you should have no problem finding the right cabinet lighting in regard to this department.

Color and Ambiance

The color of the light can have an impact on the overall look of the area. For example, warm white light (2700K) can create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Cool white light (4000K-5000K), on the other hand, will lend your space a more modern feel.

Ultimately, choosing the right color and ambiance for under-cabinet lighting will depend on your personal preferences and specific needs.

Is It Adjustable?

Most motion sensors under cabinet lighting have adjustable colors and brightness levels. An adjustable cabinet lighting lets you create the ideal lighting level depending on your purpose and time of day. And this is something you simply can’t do with standard lights.

We recommend going for one with the right maximum level of adjustable brightness unless you want it excessively bright at night. Pick one with an adjustable brightness option. This way, you can set the brightness levels down at night while keeping it at its peak in the day or evening.

Other Special Features

Aside from the motion sensor, good under-cabinet light fixtures may have a timing function, dimming capability, and smartphone compatibility for better access.  It may be able to provide ambient lighting and control lights from your sofa or even outside your home.

Again, it all boils down to your preference. A feature you won’t find useful will just be a waste of money.

Light Bulb Type

Motion sensors under cabinet lighting can come in strips, puck lights, and bars.

Strip lights

Strip motion sensor lights are long, thin lights. These lights are versatile and you can easily install them under cabinets or in small locations. They are typically low-profile and can be cut to length.

Puck lights

Puck under cabinet lights are compact and round. They are often battery-powered and wireless, which makes them simple to install and relocate.

Bar lights

Bar lights are long and usually have a slim profile. These lights are often made of aluminum and include a light diffusion cover, which makes them durable enough for use in the kitchen. But due to their inflexibility, you need to measure the dimensions under your cabinets before buying.

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

When it comes to choosing the right under-cabinet lighting, you should also consider the type of bulb it uses. You can choose from fluorescent, xenon, LED, and halogen lights.


Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient and durable. But they might take a few minutes to warm up and achieve full brightness. They may also make a buzzing sound but stay cool during the operation.


Xenon lights are also energy-efficient. They are slightly warmer than fluorescent and LED lighting, though still safe to the touch. These light bulbs provide bright, white light. And they have a lifespan comparable to fluorescent lights.


LED lighting is unbeatable. It’s deemed to be the best option for energy-efficient under cabinet lights and it has a long lifespan. Some LED under-cabinet lights consume as little as 5 watts of energy while delivering sufficient illumination. And you can adjust the brightness to maximize energy efficiency.

LED lights also have extremely low heat output, so they are cool to the touch even if they stay on for hours.


Halogen lighting is the least efficient option and produces the most heat. These lights are easy to work with and they offer clear illumination. They are the closest to incandescent bulbs in terms of light quality and color temperature.


What is the best lighting for under kitchen cabinets?

The smart under cabinet lighting would be LED strip lighting or xenon lights. Both provide bright, steady lighting and are energy efficient.

Can you add a motion sensor to any light?

Yes, you can add a motion sensor to virtually any light. Add a motion sensor switch or adapter and connect it to your light’s existing wiring.

Do you need an electrician to install a motion sensor light?

It depends on the circumstances. Installing a motion sensor light is generally a simple process. But working with a local electrician who can match a motion sensor system to the specific home is usually a good idea.

Do all motion sensors work with LED lights?

No, but most of them do though it still depends on the specific motion sensor and LED light. These lights can be configured to operate with motion sensors.

Some motion sensors are designed to work with incandescent or halogen lights and may not work with LED lights. It is important to check the specs of the motion sensor and LED light specs.

Are lights under kitchen cabinets worth it?

Motion sensor under cabinet lighting is a worthy investment. Smart under-cabinet lighting can provide task lighting, greater visibility, and safety, and enhance the room’s ambiance. Plus, most of them use LED lights so it saves you money on energy bills in the long run.

How long do LED under cabinet lights last?

LED lights have an average lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on the quality of the lights and the operating conditions. So, if you use it for 3 hours every day, it could last for roughly 45 years. That’s up to 5 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and even outlasts tiny fluorescent lamps.


Motion sensor under cabinet lighting is a convenient and efficient way to brighten up your kitchen. And you can start by picking the best light from our recommendations above. We made sure to include only the most cost-effective and highly-rated products so you can have the best options.

The TORCHSTAR Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, for example, provides a warm ambiance and consistent light that’s also easy to install. Many users praise its flexibility, which allows them to stick the lights around corners and bar counters. Plus, it has a wider detection range.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to motion sensing under cabinet lights, be sure to check out the rest of our list. These lights not only conserve energy, but can also enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

Good luck!