What are Flood Lights?

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Right now, I’m in the process of designing and planning a landscaping lighting design project. I’ve been doing a lot of research and been reading up a lot of resources on my many, many different options.

During my lighting research, I ended up learning a lot about flood lights. Flood lights are one of the most common components of outdoor lighting systems because they do such a good job of lighting up a large space. But many people aren’t familiar with exactly what they are and how useful they can be as part of your home lighting design.

Let’s take a look at what flood lights are and how to use them in your home lighting plan.

What are Flood Lights?

Flood lights are a type of artificial light capable of lighting and illuminating a broad space or area.

When someone unfamiliar with light fixtures hear or read the words “flood light”, one’s mind might instantly go to literal floods. Flood lights, however, are not related to water and floods in any sense. They’re called “flood” lights because much like its name, it floods a space with a sufficient amount of light, eliminating darkness.

They are a great addition to big outdoor areas like backyards, gardens, parking lots, parks as security flood lights. They’re also notably known for usage in outdoor sports stadiums.

Flood lights have a high-intensity, wide beam spread, which allows them to spread and distribute artificial light to a much bigger space.

Broad beam angle spread

Flood lights have a broad beam spread, usually more than 45 degrees, reaching up to 120 degrees. This beam angle gives them the ability to illuminate much larger areas.

Types of flood lighting projectors

Flood lighting fixtures can further be grouped into three classifications according to beam spread:

Flood Light ProjectorBeam SpreadProjection Distance
Narrow Beam Projectors12° to 25°Beyond 70m
Medium Angle Projectors25° to 40°Between 30m to 70m
Wide Angle Projectors40° to 90°Below 30m

You should consider what your lighting needs are and where you will be installing it when choosing flood lighting projectors to buy. From small flood lights to big flood lights, they promise one of the best performances among many different lighting techniques.

Flood light applications

Flood lights are a popular LED lights fixture for anyone hoping to illuminate a large space and also use them as security flood lights.

They are also usually good at withstanding constantly changing conditions outdoors. Many people choose flood lights as a light source for large spaces like driveways, backyards, walkways, parks, and parking lots. They’re also a preferred lighting fixture in workplaces such as construction sites and manufacturing plants.

One can often see flood lights installed in outdoor sports stadiums like baseball games. Ports which are open 24/7 also use them as outdoor lights for 24/7 lighting and security.

Though often used as a security measure, they can also be decorational. LED flood lights can be used as facade lighting to light up the front face of architectural buildings. Some even use it to illuminate signages or billboard advertisements.

Choosing the Best Flood Light

In choosing the best flood light for your needs, consider the following buying factors:

How it turns on

Though they traditionally have an on/off switch, some more advanced options include a motion sensor. This means whenever motion is detected, it will automatically turn on. This is a great feature to warn off intruders in private properties. Otherwise, one with an on/off switch is a great option across many scenarios.

Appropriate brightness

In choosing the best LED flood lights as a light source for your needs, consider the area you want to illuminate and choose the appropriate brightness for your needs.

If you’re planning on installing it on your doorway or patio area, a lower wattage should suffice. Bigger spaces like a parking lot or a larger garden would need something with more wattage and brightness.

LED lights have high energy efficiency but still offer highly efficient light output.

Don’t disturb neighbors

Make sure you install outdoor flood lights that won’t disturb your neighbors. Your lighting fixture should only illuminate your property. It should not go over your neighbor’s property, otherwise, it would be nuisance lighting and can be reported.


Flood lights are one of the more popular outdoor lighting fixtures and one of the most conventional lighting systems in the market right now. For lighting amateurs, it might be confusing to determine what flood lights actually are.

Flood lights are a type of artificial light that can illuminate large areas. With a broad beam spread, usually more than 45 degrees up to 120 degrees, it’s capable of reaching much broader spaces as well.

Much like its name, “flood” lights flood a large area with light and illuminate it. Flood lights are common light fixtures in backyards, gardens, parks, parking lots, and even outdoor sports stadiums.

Though mostly used as security flood lights, they can be used as facade lighting or to illuminate signages or billboard advertisements.

Depending on the beam spread and projection distance, flood lights can be narrow, medium angle, or wide angle. Remember, choose LED flood lights to install according to your needs.