Which Is The Best Touchless Faucet: Kohler Or Moen

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Touchless faucets are a nice addition to a bathroom or kitchen. If you are looking for a touchless faucet and are overwhelmed by the number of touchless faucet products in the market, you are not alone. When choosing a touchless faucet, you would want to start looking at two of the leading brands: Kohler and Moen.

If you want to know which is the best touchless faucet, Kohler and Moen will be among the top answers. Kohler and Moen have a wide variety of faucet products and touchless faucets are some of them. Both brands have good sensor technology which makes using their touchless faucets easier. Both Kohler and Moen also have reliable touchless faucets. This makes it hard to choose between the two.

In this article, we will be talking about the differences between Kohler and Moen when it comes to touchless kitchen faucets. We will also be talking about some factors you need to consider before buying one, so make sure to read until the end!

Moen Vs Kohler: Brand Overview

Moen Vs Kohler Brand Overview

Moen and Kohler are two of the popular leading brands that manufacture kitchen and bathroom faucets. Both brands have been in the plumbing industry for a long time and both brands offer quality faucets for residential and commercial use.


Moen began manufacturing single-handle faucets in 1947. However, Al Moen, the founder, got the idea of making single-handle faucets in 1937 when he burned his hands when using an old-fashioned two-handle faucet. The company almost exclusively focuses on faucets and has been upgrading its faucet offerings to keep up with the modern times.

In 2012, Moen introduced its line of hands-free faucets which is the MotionSense. Moen does not only have kitchen faucets but they also have faucets for the bathroom. Aside from bathroom and kitchen faucets, Moen also offers products such as sinks, smart showers, smart sprinklers, and smart wireless soil sensors among others.


Kohler was founded in 1973 by John Michael Kohler and the company initially made plows and other farming tools. Kohler sold their first plumbing product, which was an enabled cast iron hog scalder (bathtub), in 1883. Unlike Moen, Kohler does not focus exclusively on faucets. Kohler is known in the plumbing industry for plumbing and bathroom fittings. Kohler offers other products such as faucets, toilets, showers, baths, sinks, and even lighting such as chandeliers, and sconces.

Moen Vs Kohler Touchless Faucet

Moen Vs Kohler Touchless Faucet

It might be hard to decide which is the best touchless faucet: Kohler or Moen. Both brands are popular when it comes to kitchen and bathroom faucets. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between these two brands when it comes to their touchless faucets.


Both Kohler and Moen offer a wide variety of finishes for their touchless faucets. You will definitely find a touchless faucet that can fit your tastes and the design of your bathroom or kitchen.

Kohler offers different finishes for their faucets such as:

– Vibrant Stainless

– Vibrant Titanium

– Vibrant French Gold

– Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass

– Brushed Nickel

– Matte Black

– Matte Black With Moderne Brass

– Oil-rubbed Bronze

– Polished Chrome

– Vibrant Polished Nickel

Moen offers these kinds of finishes for their faucets:

– Brushed Gold

– Glacier

– Matte Black

– Matte Black / Chrome

– Polished Nickel

– Spot-resist Stainless Steel

– Wrought Iron

– Chrome

– Polished Nickel

– Black Stainless Steel

– Oil-rubbed Bronze

– Mediterranean Bronze

Sensor Technology

Kohler and Moen have their own sensor technology when it comes to their touchless faucets.

Kohler’s sensor technology, Response, is an easy and reliable way to operate Kohler’s touchless faucets. With Kohler touchless faucets, you can simply wave your hand, a utensil, or a dish in front of the sensor. You do not have to worry about spreading germs and bacteria in your bathroom or kitchen, especially when preparing food.

Kohler touchless faucets also have a quick response and the sensor window responds in just 20 milliseconds. Take note that you also need your wave your hand, utensil, or dish in front of the sensor to turn off the faucet. If you forget to turn the faucet off, it will automatically shut the water off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

Moen’s sensor technology is called MotionSense. Like Kohler, you can also turn the faucet on and off by waving your hand in front of the faucet’s Ready Sensor. Moen’s touchless faucet sensors can also detect a utensil, a cup, and other objects. You don’t have to put whatever you are holding down just to open the faucet.

Moen also has a Wave Sensor located on top of the faucet which can detect your hand movement. This sensor can activate the faucet’s water flow.

You also don’t have to worry about running water as Moen kitchen faucets have a shutoff safety feature. The Wave Sensor shuts off after two minutes of inactivity while the Ready Sensor shuts off in one minute. If you are one to forget to shut the water off, Moen might be a better choice as it offers a quicker shutoff system than Kohler.


Moen and Kohler offer sleek and modern designs for their touchless faucets. However, Kohler has fewer design and faucet styles than Moen.

Kohler focuses on durability and functionality. While Moen faucets are also durable and have functionality in mind, Moen also focuses on the design of their faucets. Kohler and Moen also both have pull-down spray head touchless faucets. 

Both brands have products that are designed to perform well but if design and aesthetics are also important to you, Moen is the brand to go to. But, if you like a more simple faucet design, Kohler is best for you.

Price Range

Touchless faucets are more expensive than regular faucets. This is because of the motion-sensing technology that touchless faucets have that allows you to turn the faucet on and off hands-free. Touchless faucets can cost about a couple hundred dollars. 

Moen and Kohler touchless faucets’ cost varies. Moen has more product offerings and they are less expensive than Kohler. This is great if you only have a certain budget for these faucets.

Kohler has been around for a long time and part of why their offerings are more expensive is because of brand recognition. Kohler also offers fewer products than Moen which also contributes to the expensive price range. You will also find that most touchless faucets are expensive.

While both Moen and Kohler have expensive touchless faucets, you can be sure of the quality and durability of their products.


Kohler and Moen have similar terms when it comes to warranty claims and both have a Lifetime Limited Warranty for their faucets.

Moen’s warranty policy states that their faucets will be leak-free, drip-free, and free from defects from the original date of purchase. If you are the original purchaser of the product and you still own the home where the faucet was first installed, Moen will provide the necessary parts should the faucet develop a leak or drip during the warranty period.

If the touchless faucet gets damaged by the use of harsh cleaning products, whether done by yourself, a contractor, or a service company, the warranty will be voided. Do note that this Limited Lifetime Warranty is for residential installations only. A 5-year warranty (from the original date of purchase) is applicable for commercial installations. To learn more about Moen’s Warranty Policy, visit Moen’s website.

Like Moen, Kohler also offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for their faucets. Kohler states that their faucets that are manufactured after January 1, 1997, will be leak-free and drip-free when used normally in a residential setting.

Kohler will replace the cartridge free of charge should your faucet leak or drip during normal usage. Like any other product, the warranty will be voided if the faucet is damaged because of an accident, abuse, or misuse. Improper care and cleaning will also cause the warranty to be voided.

For commercial installations of Kohler faucets, a warranty period of 5 years will be given. To learn more about Kohler’s Warranty Policy, visit Kohler’s website.

As long as your touchless faucets are not damaged by misuse or improper cleaning, both Kohler and Moen will not void the faucet’s warranty. While the warranty will not cover everything, it is better than not having a warranty at all.

Which Is The Best Touchless Faucet: Kohler Or Moen?

Which Is The Best Touchless Faucet Kohler Or Moen

Now that we’ve looked at the difference between Moen and Kohler when it comes to touchless faucets, it now begs the question as to which brand has the best touchless kitchen faucets.

If we are looking at the brand’s history, Moen has an advantage as the company is focused mostly on faucets while Kohler has other products aside from kitchen and bathroom faucets. Both brands also have good sensor technology. 

Their price range is also more on the expensive end. However, Moen has a cheaper price range than Kohler. If budget is a factor for you, consider getting a Moen touchless faucet. But, if money is not an issue, a Kohler touchless faucet is a great investment.

Both brands offer quality products and it is hard to say which is best for you. There are factors where Kohler has an edge over Moen and vice versa. The best touchless faucet for you will all depend on your personal preference and budget.

What To Consider When Buying Touchless Faucets

What To Consider When Buying Touchless Faucets

If you are still confused about which has the best touchless faucet, here is a buying guide to help you go over some of the factors that you need to consider before buying a touchless faucet or two, whether it is from Kohler or Moen.

Faucet Type

Like traditional faucets, touchless faucets have different faucet types. Touchless faucets can have a single handle or a double handle. If, for some reason, the faucet’s sensor stops working you can use the handle while waiting for the replacement parts for the sensor.

Touchless kitchen faucets also have a pull-down or pull-out feature which can be handy when cleaning your kitchen sink. Both Moen and Kohler offer a variety of faucet types but, Moean has a wider range of faucet designs.

Water Flow Rate

The faucet’s water flow rate is also important so you know how much water your faucet is using. An optimal water flow rate for a kitchen faucet is typically between 1.0 GPM and 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute). Kohler and Moen’s touchless faucets have at least a 1.5 GPM flow rate which is enough for a kitchen faucet. The maximum flow rate for bathroom and kitchen faucets in the United States is 2.2 GPM.

Durability And Reliability

When buying a touchless kitchen faucet, make sure to buy from a well-known company that is known for manufacturing durable and reliable products. Kohler and Moen are both well-known companies that manufacture quality touchless faucets.

These kinds of faucets are expensive and you should be able to get your money’s worth. Durable and reliable touchless faucets should be made from quality materials to ensure that they will last for a long time.

To make sure that a touchless faucet is reliable, look into the company or brand that you want to buy from. Also, look for reviews to find out from other users about what the product is like once it has been installed. Contractors can also be reliable sources when it comes to knowing which products are durable or not. They will often recommend products that are good and advise you against products that break easily.

Read up on common problems in Moen touchless faucets.

Ease Of Use

Touchless faucets should be easy to use. You just have to wave your hand in front of the sensor and the faucet should turn on or off. When buying a touchless faucet, make sure to consider where the sensor is placed.

Sensors that are placed in an accessible and convenient location will make using the faucet easier. You should not have to worry about bumping your hand into the faucet.

Another thing to consider is if the sensor responds quickly. There is nothing more frustrating than waving your hand in front of the sensor and it is taking too long to respond.


Moen and Kohler have been in the industry for a long time and they are among the top brands when it comes to touchless faucets. It is hard to tell which has the best touchless faucet as one brand has an edge over the other in some factors and vice versa.

At the end of the day, the best touchless faucet will depend on your personal preference. If you have any other questions, let us know via the contact form on our website!